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29 Oct 13 09:18
Thank you for the friends request, we are honoured you are interested in us. Please can you read our profile because we tend to ignore people who just send a request without any preliminary introduction. So feel free to comment on our latest upload if you want our friendship, thank you. Crafty & Her Cameraman xx
goldswing90 wrote
10 May 13 04:20
Again No commment on my pics = no friend acceptance tell me what you think !!!!!!!!!!!!
spock60 wrote
05 Oct 12 09:16
Please post some photos of your good self. It will help us all get to know you better. M xx
10 Sep 12 07:54
thanks for the friend request!...
Jengoe wrote
19 Aug 12 12:06
Please read our profile. No pix ????
mimoss wrote
08 Aug 12 12:26
Glad you like my pics. Thanks for the post.
Dirty_Sweet wrote
04 Aug 12 11:49
Hi! Thanks for the wink Sexy. Hey, I wanted to let you know I will not be working this site as often. I will eventually stop participating here once my premium expires. Please understand when I do not respond to winks or messages. Dirty Kisses, Gail
Dirty_Sweet wrote
12 Jul 12 14:54
Thanks for the wink. Feel free to leave a comment for me if something cums to mind. I hope this finds you well. Kisses, DS
snapper3 wrote
14 May 12 09:01
Thanks for the wink. Feel free to comment on the pictures and vote please!
vixen78 wrote
05 Mar 12 10:37
Please see our profile info x

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