The Well Hung Beast II
28 Aug 07
Here is a few clips taken one Saturday evening as me and hubby where getting ready to go to one of our monthly swinging party?s. Hubby had the video out recording me getting dressed in my sexy underwear and Lace top stockings with sexy lacy gloves. Before long he just had to have me just like many men and ladies would do later that night. He threw me on the bed and gave me my favourite rabbit which I inserted straight away. After a nice rub all over my body hubby made me show him how wet my freshly shaven pussy was, as you will see I am always very very wet. Soon I had my lovely big black dildo working up my pussy and then hubby took over whilst I filmed it. After that the well hung beast just had to have me, Giving me a good seeing to and at the end I took all his come in my mouth. We was a bit late going to the party but it was well worth it. Lots of love SexyS xxxxxxx