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03 Oct 13 12:48
Thanks for the wink, hope you like my pics enough to write a comment x Crafty
30 Dec 12 08:24
We would like to take this opportunity of thanking you for all the support and comments you have left us on our Naughty Countdown pics. However, we are saddened that our sets never seem to stay in the top 50, despite all our time and effort and of course the votes you yourself make. As a direct result of this we are seriously considering leaving this site. Hope you have a fantastically sexy New Year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
15 Dec 12 11:26
So loved the Cheeky" comment, thank you, remember day 9 tomorrow Mwahhhhhhhhhhhh
09 Nov 12 14:11
Thanks for the fantastic comment, loved it, hope you have a great weekend xxxxxxxxxx
25 Oct 11 07:37
Awwwwwwwwwwwww thank you so much for the lovely lovely comment, appreciated, Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh
12 Oct 11 14:17
Thank you for the great comment, need all the attention I can get lol xxxxxxxxx
10 Oct 11 01:53
Good morning and thank you so much for the wonderful comment you left us, Mwahhhhhhhhhhhhh
06 Oct 11 01:26
Thank you very much for the friend request, before accepting we prefer some kind of communication either via comments, our wall or directly to our inbox, apologies if this offends you, thanks x
30 May 11 05:47
Super sexy Bank Holiday winks right back at you xxxx
12 Apr 11 01:16
Good Morning and thanks for the Wink Babes XXXXXXXX

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