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When navigating the enormous internet world, one often wonders how they can find people and content that is specific to their tastes. Sure, you can check out online dating sites, but how often are you going to find people who share your specific fetish? You could also check out one of the thousands of porn sites that clutter the internet, but how often are you able to interact with the object of your affection? The answer is almost never.


World Wide Wives is the best and most expansive site on the internet where you can indulge in your fantasies and fetishes with real people just like you. Here, your voyeurism, dogging, exhibitionism and many other fetishes are accepted and practiced by more people than you might have imagined.

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There are literally thousands of people on our site who find acceptance and companionship that is free of judgment. These are people who are sick of porn and dating sites and want a place where they can find local people with common and unconventional interests just like theirs. Where else can you find free dogging porn then chat with the people and arrange to go watch them in person?

Shaz Showing Off

On our site, you can meet real people with interests like dogging, picture swapping, exhibitionism and much more and no one makes them feel weird about it. It’s quite the opposite. You will not only find people who accept you, they will show you that you are not alone. If you are shy and not comfortable sending private messages or participating in video chat right away, just take the time to check out our massive database of profiles and user content dating all the way back to the inception of the site in 1999. You are sure to find hours of taboo entertainment watching real people who post pictures and videos of themselves or their significant others indulging in all sorts of fetishes.

The best thing about our content library is that there are hundreds of updates on a daily basis from our users who are amateur swingers, MILF’s, Voyeurs and everything in between and they would love