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Do you have an interest or fetish that you have trouble finding others to share with you? Humans are sexual animals and some of us have interests that are, shall we say, unconventional. Interests like voyeurism, dogging and exhibitionism are specific and not everyone is into them.

It’s a good thing that World Wide Wives is around. Now you have a place to go to get things like dogging stories and nude pictures from real people from all over the world who have the same interests that you do. We have hundreds of updates per day so there is bound to be a steady supply of content that tickles your fancy.

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Since 1999, we have provided a place for swingers, MILF’s, voyeurs and many others to find people who like the things that they like. If you feel you need a place to tell your dogging stories, we give you a platform. If you are an exhibitionist and get off on people watching you get nude or engage in sexual situations, we give you a place to be yourself. If you’re a voyeur and would rather watch others, you can browse through our database of user posted content that dates back to our site’s inception and continues to grow every day.

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World Wide Wives provides, not only a wide range of content, but a wide range of choices of how you view the content. You can browse our collection of profiles of real people from all over the world who put themselves out there in hopes of connecting with like-minded people. It’s up to you where you go from there. You can view live webcams and get up close and personal with our users who choose to make themselves available for live video chat.

You can also connect with others who like picture swapping or exchanging dogging stories. Whether you want to connect with people through your computer or connect with them in person, this site is set up to let you go and connect at your own pace. The best thing about it is that it’s free to register. All this content is right at your fingertips and you can have access to all of it in one simple step.

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We are the site with the most extensive database of real life amateur swingers, users who post nude pictures of their girlfriends and wives, nudists and much more. Over 200,000 people and growing call this site home and continue to add to our reputation for being the site to go to if you lead an alternative sex life and seek others to interact with. Where else can you find dogging stories told in such a way that it’s an everyday normal thing? At World Wide Wives, it most certainly is.

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