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Dogging Uncovered

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Did you ever imagine there would be a place where you could connect with people who wanted you to come watch them have sex in public? Here at World Wide Wives, you will find dogging uncovered. That sort of thing is not just normal here, it’s abundant.

Dogging Just Gets Better

You don’t have to feel weird for liking that sort of thing here. On this site, we welcome any number of fetishes. Over 200,000 amateur swingers, MILF’s, voyeurs, reader’s wives, exhibitionists, nudists and many more types of people with varied interests post hundreds of updates per day here, so the fun just keeps coming in. The fun never has to end. We have had many users come and go since we started in 1999 and all that history of steamy content is available to you and grows in volume on a daily basis.

Dogging Uncovered

When browsing our massive database of user posted content, you may be overwhelmed at the sheer volume of pictures, video and profiles. Luckily, the site is highly searchable and we make it easier than ever to find even local people who are into your specific fetish. You can also visit our Most Viewed Profiles section to see what profiles others are looking at and see what makes those profiles so popular.

Barby Just Loves Dogging II

How would you approach a person who shared your fetish? There are many ways to approach others at World Wide Wives. Look through their profile, send them a message and chat with them in our video chat room. The possibilities are endless. We are proud to show you dogging uncovered along with many other fetishes that may be frowned upon on your standard dating site, but here they are just another thing that makes this site great.

Candy Back Outdoors Lisa's Outdoors Fun II My Girl Dogging saucy-sophie-goes-dogging

Group sex, pics and video from viewer’s wives and girlfriends, casual encounters; it’s all accepted and practiced in volume every single day at World Wide Wives. Never before has it been so easy to see dogging uncovered and see what the fuss is all about.

Dogging is just one of the many risqué practices that are welcomed on our site and it all adds to the excitement of being on an interactive site where you can be yourself without being judged.This isn’t some over-produced porn site where girls with too much make-up fake an orgasm. This is real people with real fetishes who want to interact with someone like you; someone who is tired of feeling weird and wants to interact and be social with others who engage in the same types of practices.

When it comes to sex and dating, we give people with alternative hobbies and interests a chance to come together and share themselves with people who appreciate them and make them feel like their fetish isn’t so weird.