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You may have heard about the latest craze called “dogging”, but World Wide Wives got the jump on that craze a long time ago. We welcome voyeurs of all types. We are your premiere source for this and many other specific fetishes and we have prided ourselves on that since we started the site in 1999. One look at the many dogging videos posted by our users and you will see that there is nowhere else on the web with this much access to people who have fetishes and interests that are not explored on your standard dating website.

You could explore many of today’s modern dating sites at length and never find someone who is into the things that you are. Well don’t give up on your passion.

Dogging Video

We are sure that you, and many others like you, have been faced with indifference over your fetish by people who don’t understand you or your motivations. We are here to take the judgment and hassle out of online encounters and show you that you are not alone. There are many people out there who not only appreciate your fetish, they share it. Sign up free for World Wide Wives and discover a world you thought only existed in your mind.

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We have so much content that we have archived from our users over the years and the hot and sexy content just keeps pouring in every day. It’s no wonder why so many different fetishes are practiced by our users. The people who use our site find out quickly that they are not so different. We have so many ways to join people together in their sexual exploits and allow them to share their fetish with others in their area.

Our reach is so massive that you are likely to find someone who shares your fetish living right around the corner. There are hundreds of updates every single day so you will never run short of opportunities to seek out like-minded people by checking out our dogging videos and a whole slew of content that grows in volume every day.

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We are one of the only sites on the web that brings you real people, real profiles and a wide array of fetishists just waiting to hook up with you and all you have to do is register for free. That’s free dogging videos, live webcams, daily picture and video uploads and so much more. In just a few keystrokes, you will have access to our many sexy users in intimate sexual situations for your viewing pleasure.