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Local Dogging

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Barby And Sams' Hot Dogging

Dogging is a slang term for the British for fucking in public or watching others doing so. Public voyeur and exhibitionists are closely associated with local dogging as observation or watching is highly encouraged. Members of the World Wide Wives community are very much into local dogging and they are just waiting for you to contact them and set up a “meet”, or in this case, a “fuck”. Some members might be shy so you’ll have to make the first move. Once everything is running smooth and everyone’s comfortable, expect one of the best adventures you’ll ever have done in your life.

In Car Entertainment

There are a lot of local dogging sites in the UK. Forests, parks, or empty lots, these can all be a good place for a great dogging experience. But mostly, local dogging is done at car parks. The reason isn’t exactly clear but maybe it’s because it’s the nearest and most accessible location where there are a lot of people to see. These people that do dogging are exhibitionists at their own right and they get off when other people watch them.

Local Dogging

World Wide Wives is very much into dogging. We encourage our members to go into some local dogging with other members of the community. We know some members would only like to look at pictures and videos but maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and do something new. However, as we have stated a million times, we are not forcing you into doing anything you are not comfortable with. We want you to make your own choices with regards to your preference with the World Wide Wives community. If dogging is something you’re not comfortable with yet, then go ahead and look at other pictures and videos. Chat with other members. Be comfortable, because we believe that our website will part of your daily life. Why not read some of the dogging stories to get a better idea.

My Girl Dogging

It seems that the dogging craze has gone worldwide. The UK isn’t the only country doing this as there have been reports that countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark and many more have been setting up local dogging meet-ups. Ever wonder where the term dogging came from? It was originated in early 70’s to describe men who watched couples have sex outdoors. These men would “dog” or “hound” the couples’ every move and watch them. Who knows if it’s true but it’s an interesting tidbit right? What are you waiting for? Sign up and look for potential dogging partners at World Wide Wives. It is assured that you will not regret your decision.