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The Hay Bale

Imagine you are out for a stroll in a wide open field. The sun is warm against your skin and there is a slight breeze crossing the plane, just enough to cool you off and make your day that much more amazing. There are big fluffy clouds in the sky, the kind you work into shapes with your mind. Everything is still and beautiful. It can’t get much better than that right? Well what if you stumbled upon a beautiful exhibitionist from the UK laying on a hay bale, her perfect nipples perky from the same breeze that just crossed your face. Your day just got a whole lot better, did it not?

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You might not be able to find a field full of exhibitionists any time soon, but here on our site you will be able to connect with others showing off what their mothers gave them to the world and posting about it on the net.

Out And About II

There are tons of members on World Wide Wives who love to share their public excursions, making videos & taking pictures of themselves in very precarious situations and posting them for the world to see. Whether they are all alone in the pictures or sharing life changing experiences with others on top of those hay bales, these lovely people are not shy about sharing their excursions into the real world. They want others to see the fun they have been having!

The best part about these pictures is that they are user created. You can actually track down the users who post the photos that get your motor rolling, ask them how and where they have been taking them, before going out and making some exhibitionist porn of your own.

The Great Outdoors

Afraid of getting caught in a non-naughty way? They can teach you tricks and techniques to get the right kind of attention during your outdoor excursions while avoiding any sort of arrest warrant…unless of course that is what gets you off! They can also tell you about the best places to meet up with others, if that’s the sort of thing you are into. Whatever your informational needs there are happy horny people on here ready to help you get off as easily and amazingly as possible.

Purple Lingerie II

That’s how World Wide Wives has existed for so many years; users create content, share tips and connect, and the whole community is better for it. Whether you belong to the dogging community, love being around your fellow exhibitionists, or just like to watch, you can find others who suit your wants and desires right here on World Wide Wives. Check out the communities available at your fingertips today, you will wonder how you ever lived without them!


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