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When people think of exhibitionists they think of sexy women in 70's pornography showing off their bodies to anyone and everyone willing to watch. In reality both women and men can be exhibitionists, in fact, male exhibitionists can be the more adventurous of both sexes.


For those unfamiliar with the term, exhibitionists are people who love to show off their bodies, especially their naughty bits in public places. The rush that they get from taking off their clothes in public, even if there is no one around, is intoxicating. Just the idea that someone could walk in on them, maybe even join in on the fun…it's enough to get their hearts racing and their pants a little tighter.


Here on World Wide Wives we love to see exhibitionist men doing what they do best; showing off their naughty parts to unsuspecting ladies and then getting thanked for it. A lot of male swingers tend to be exhibitionists as well, and it's something that female swingers on our site love to see on their potential lovers profiles. Swingers love the public aspects of sex, and couples like taking their multiple lover sex sessions to the next level by engaging in their swinging shenanigans in public. Imagine getting down and dirty with sexy swingers right out in front of the world; what a fun treat that would be!

Getting It Out On The Beach

That is the beauty of this site. Here you can meet up with other men who like to show off or even find women who want to show off with you. Whatever you fancy, World Wide Wives can help you find it. And once it is found you can bet that it's going to show off it's dick and let you play with it. Or tits. Whatever you like. And if they really like you they may just let you do all of this while in a very public place. Even if it's not, private play time can be just as fun as public. Heck, some of the lovers you could meet here might even show you things you never dreamed of and open your horizons to opportunities that will leave you even more titillated than showing off your dicks!

Debbies Photographer II Me On Holiday

If you are an exhibitionist male there is no better place on the net for you to meet others who share your passion and interests than World Wide Wives. Come connect with others who want to show the world what they are working with and more! Make a profile today and start meeting other swinging exhibitionists like yourself. Come find someone to play with today.