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An exhibitionist is defined as someone who has the compulsive need to expose his or her genitals in public. At World Wide Wives, our members consist of conservative singles or couples and exhibitionists. Posts of these conservative members are still hot but sometimes, other members look for something new. In comes the exhibitionists, they take photos of themselves in public or in places where they know someone’s watching them.

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These exhibitionist pics are so hot that you’d literally spend a day jerking off to them. We have pictures where these exhibitionists are having some fun at the beach, the forest or even the mall. We have all kinds of variety, as we want you to enjoy and also to be part of our community.

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In general, there are two types of exhibitionism that exist. One is the non-threatening kind and the other is the threatening type. We’ll just talk about the non-threatening kind, as our community does not stand for the threatening type. Non-threatening exhibitionism can also be referred to as flashing. Flashing involves exposing your tits, pussy, dick or ass where it wouldn’t be normally exposed. This can be a park, a mall or even a sporting event. Our members take a lot of exhibitionist pics of themselves where they are flashing in different locations. Flashing is said to give the flasher some sort of ego boost. This is what we want as we want our members to be confident about their body.

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Other than flashing, people can join a group that is like-minded and share the desire to show their private parts to each other. Skinny-dipping is one example of this. We also offers a lot of exhibitionist pics where in a group hot chicks are skinny-dipping. Aside from that, it could also be a group of guys and girls showing off their dicks and tits to each other somewhere. One thing’s for sure, if you’re with people who have the same interests, it doesn’t matter what you are doing as it will be fun for sure.


As you can see, exhibitionists are everywhere. It’s just a matter of being one or watching one. At World Wide Wives, we can offer you both. You can post your own exhibitionist photos or you can just watch other exhibitionists. These two are both correlated and one needs another. Basically, the point is you can be whatever you want, a voyeur or an exhibitionist. It is your choice and we are here to support whatever it is you want to do. However, right now is the time to stop reading, and the time to register for a free profile.

Exhibitionist Photos

Beckys Cruising Fishing For You Floating On The Water In The Woods Jennifers Private Property Laila Naked Outdoors III Naked Outside Now Thats Flashing Posing On The Balcony IV Ria In Zennor Rosie Gone Fishing III Wifes Shoot