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Bored Of Red

World Wide Wives is not your run of the mill dating site and it is certainly not a porn site. These are real people with real content, from readers wives, swingers, exhibitionists, the list goes on, so the experience is quite personal. We provide many ways for you to interact with all kinds of people who indulge in taboo pleasures. You can even enjoy content from our viewer’s wives. Many of our users post pictures and video of their own wives and girlfriends in risqué and sexy situations. What other dating site can offer such kinky features where you don’t have to beat around the bush. Come out and say what you are into and there are probably more than a few of our users who are into the same thing.

Having Fun

With hundreds of updates every day here at World Wide Wives, the fun never has to stop. You can see the full history by browsing through content going back to 1999 when we first launched the site. There is so much content old and new that we know you will enjoy our community. How else would you be able to see viewer’s wives in various states of undress? That is just the type of provocative content that you can expect from us. We pride ourselves on providing a platform for people just like you who are sick of people looking down on them when they reveal their secret fantasies. We are proud to have a place where people can go to turn their fantasies into a reality.

In The Bedroom

Maybe you want to look at other viewer’s wives. Maybe you want to share pictures of your own wife, girlfriend or even yourself. No matter how you want to express yourself sexually, you will find an accepting home at World Wide Wives. We have daily profile uploads that are now in the millions. It’s almost impossible NOT to find what you are looking for here. Go to our live chatroom and chat with others like you or watch them on webcam. Find that person that tickles your fancy and send them a message. Browse through our Most Viewed Profiles section and check out the most popular users. When you log on to World Wide Wives, there is no shortage of access to like-minded people, no matter where you live.

My Viewers Wives

How would you like to initiate your next casual encounter? Search through our thousands of profiles and you are likely to find someone in your area who wants to go at the same pace that you do. Do you want a sample of what our site offers? Just look at our database. Here, you will find viewer’s wives pictures, softcore and hardcore videos and so much more from our users who have enjoyed our site over the years.