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Amateur swingers add variety to their sex and social lives, by partnering with singles and couples for harmless fun at any time. What begins with a few shy glances soon warms up into a whole lot more, as clothes come off and a romp in bed begins.

Partners see each other in a different, more erotic light, as their naked bodies gyrate in movements they never imagined before. Everything goes so smoothly, just as it should. After all, World Wide Wives have been matching swingers since 1999.

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You have been thinking of spicing up your love life with variety, but do not quite know how to start. Tens of thousands like you have registered with World Wide Wives. Some may even live in your hometown or up your street. All feel the same way you do, they want erotic fun with other people.

Perhaps you are looking for a person or a couple to spend enjoyable time with (or a couple looking for open-minded people to join them in sex). Anything is possible and you learn new techniques for achieving fantastic orgasms. So come on in and join the rest of us adult swingers. Someone special is waiting for you here.

Sexy Double Team

When you swing with strangers, you experience new scenarios and can live out your fantasies. These could include being outdoors on a beach at midnight with them, being just off a country lane in the bushes where a voyeur could be watching or having hours of fun with a bbw swinger. You might also meet them at their house when everybody else is out for a few hours. When you join with other amateur swingers, you discover the excitement variety brings

This is all so easy when you sign up with World Wide Wives and cruise our members’ profiles. The fun starts when you post your own pictures or videos and people contact you. You are in control so you don’t have to give out personal detail unless you want to. So, come on in, off with your clothes and on with the camera!

Double The Action

World Wide Wives is a freewheeling organization dedicated to encouraging amateur swinging. Everyone is welcome here, no matter what your sexual preference is. Anybody and everybody no matter what they like to do in bed, as long as it is consensual loving.

So don’t be daunted. Our systems are easy, and our website is full of information and tips to get you going. In no time at all you will be fully up to speed, and wondering why you never tried amateur swinging the World Wide Wives way before.

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